Jon's Binary Clock

This project is my first (and second) project writing anything in C. I had seen a cool BCD clock for Win9x (11/18/1999 - broken link to win9x software broken, so removed) and decided to write one for X. I wrote the GTK+ version several months ago, and began work on a GNOME panel applet. Unfortunately, the GTK widgets caused the panel applet version to flicker, and I ran out of free time to learn about the GnomeCanvas widget.

Well, recently I decided to spend a few hours learning about the GnomeCanvas, and thanks to some great help from some of the nice GNOME developers (especially Federico, Miguel and Elliot) I figured this thing out and learned quite a bit along the way.

So, on to the reason you're here.

GNOME Version

News Flash: GNOME 1.0 has shipped, and of course, jbc has shipped with it! woohoo!

The GNOME version is still under development, but it works (mostly).
It is also available in the gnome-core module from the GNOME CVS repository.

Here's a screenshot:


GTK+ Version

The GTK+ Version is pretty much done.

Here's a screenshot:


Jon Anhold

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